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45-delige miniset
123-delige basisset
200-delige megaset
525-delige jubileumeditie


55-delige baanelementenset
128-delige baanelementenset




12-delige knikkerset
witte bouwstenen
gekleurde bouwstenen

Hubelino´s marble run products promote spatial intelligence and an elementary understanding of physical principles. Thanks to age-appropriate difficulty levels, builders young and old can take an exciting trip into the world of physics. But building a marble run isn´t just fun - it also teaches kids to follow instructions, stimulates their working memory, and improves their capacity for analytical thought.

The Hubelino product range is highly diversified. From starter packs to expansive construction sets, each of our products is suitable for year-round use and comes with a comprehensive instructional booklet. In order to keep up with the current trends and implement community requests and suggestions, we are constantly releasing marble run construction plans available as a free download.

Our marble runs are 100% compatible with standard bricks offered by other manufacturers and have won numerous prizes in the categories of innovation, quality, and pedagogical value. We work in close cooperation with child development experts, pedagogues and parents to ensure that our products stand up to the rigors of everyday use and align with the latest teaching methods. Hubelino is an environmentally conscious company, and we´re proud to offer products that bear the "Made in Germany" label.